One of my hobby projects for Sailfish OS has been porting Tweetian on it. This is not a complete port yet. There is plenty of stuff that does not yet work, but basic stuff is already working as you can see from the video below.

My code is still hackish and incomplete. I'm hoping to get it soon to good enough shape so that I can contribute it to upstream project. In the meanwhile sources of my port are available be found from my github fork under branch sailfish-port.


  1. To try this out
    1) check out the sources from github
    2) use SDK to build and try to run from SDK once.
    3) Close Tweetian
    4) ssh into emulator
    5) as root do: zypper in heliumreborn qt-components
    6) as nemo do: export BROWSER=/usr/bin/heliumreborn
    7) as nemo do: /opt/tweetian/bin/tweetian
    8) In UI click Sign In
    9) Helium opens (in wrong orientation) type account info and allow
    10) Write down the token
    11) Push from side to switch to home and go to tweetian
    12) Type the token into textfield and click Done
    Thats it!

  2. Tweetian for Sailfish OS is now downloadable from OpenRepos.net:

    I'll be pushing a version to Jolla Store soonish.

  3. Very cool, awesome app. Any chance of it being able to support more than one account? Te only think that makes it not be my single Twitter application is that I check two accounts regularly through the day... Other than that great stuff, well done.