Photo management with Android

During my recent trip Nexus 5 was the only camera I used. I know its not the greatest, my Pureview 808 would have been a lot better, but I decided to only carry one phone daily. I'm usually quite happy with the quality of the pictures Nexus 5 is able to capture.

The longer I've used Android I've discovered more and more little things I do not like in it. Photo management is something I've actually started to hate in Lollipop. Photos app UI is ok, its not great but does the job. I think most of the issues are because of cloud synchronization and grouping of local images.

For example deleting image is a blocking operation and may take several seconds and I need to confirm dialog "Delete everywhere". The app does poor job in figuring out local vs. cloud and many times I had to wait loading of image for long time (loaded from cloud) even though the same image was available locally. Also, in "All images" list I see duplicates of images (cloud, local) and in some cases even a third one (local low resolution preview).

After trip I wanted to import images to iPhoto. For all images it imported both preview and the actual image. Perhaps that was an issue in iPhoto, but couldn't Android have stored previews to non-visible dir so that they would not be imported?

There is also plenty of little annoyances in photos app and photo management like notification with led/sound about such a trivial thing as "n of your images was backed up" on succeeding automatic backup. I hate these issues because taking photos is one of the key features in a mobile phone for me. I like to take photos, share them, modify them, transfer them to computer for various uses and do all of this often.

I may need to install Sailfish on my Nexus before I throw it to the wall. I'm also seriously considering iPhone 6.

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