When I last year left my job I was generally unhappy. I did not love my job, I did not find my life exciting, and I did not know what do about it. Only thing I was sure was that I needed to change something. I decided to at least see some parts of the world I haven't seen, and do things I've always wanted to, but haven't had the courage.

I just last week come back to Finland after almost three months of travel in South-East Asia and Australia. I had a great trip, probably best trip I've ever made and my biggest adventure so far. I spent a lot of money, but it was worth it. As a person, I'm still the same I've always been with the same problems and strengths, but I found courage to do things I never thought I could and found little moments of happiness. I hope I'm a bit braver and confident than before the trip. I will definitely pay more attention in living the life instead of just being.

Now, I'm actively looking for a job. After my break from work I've started to enjoy programming again so I'm also looking at developer positions. I'm mostly interested in Qt/QML and web technologies. I've always had a regular job, but this time I'm also thinking of getting into contracting. The idea of doing a 3-6 month contract and then having another contract or a small break could be just right for me.

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