Tweetian for Sailfish OS

As a hobby project I've been porting Tweetian to Sailfish OS. Last week I finally thought it was good enough and submitted it to Jolla Store, and it's now downloadable from Jolla Store and for early adapters there is a bit more advanced version available at OpenRepos.net

Here is how latest version runs on Jolla:

Big thanks goes to Dickson Leong for creating original Tweetian.

All the features in our sailfish port come from the original. Main part of porting has been adjusting the UI to suit Sailfish OS. For the features we have done some small changes since Sailfish uses Qt5 and the original was done with Qt4.

Big help in getting Tweetian running nicely on Sailfish has been Siteshwar Vashisht, he did the initial Qt5 port and has done many pull requests to get UI working nicely. Stephan Beyerle has helped in creating more Sailfish like icons. Thanks to other contributors too. Many of my colleagues at Jolla have provided feedback and tips, thanks for those and for making our beloved device real.

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