Holding a keynote presentation at this years Akademy was the highlight of my summer.

I really enjoyed keeping the presentation. Usually my presentations have been almost purely technical, but since this was keynote I told a bit more about what kind of company Jolla is and where we come from. It was nice to have the opportunity to tell my view on the Jolla story so far.

I enjoyed the conference and the co-located Qt Contributor's summit. There was a lot of interest toward Jolla, and I talked with many interesting people. Some people were curious about the device, some about the OS, and many had interesting ideas about what kind "Other Halfs" for the Jolla device would be nice. Everybody were really positive and supportive toward us, and there were a lot of people that had used and liked N9, or N900 and really wanted us to produce worthy successor to those devices.

I still like R&D work, but I have to admit that nowadays I enjoy more going to events like this to give talks and I'd probably want to do that even more often then I'm doing now. Next one that I will attend is SmartDevCon at Poland in two weeks.

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