Jolla's Sailfish OS has now made first public appearance at Slush conference. I think this video shows quite nicely what the UI is all about:

It took a lot of hard work and determination to get here. At the moment, I'm tired after working long days and then partying hard at Slush. I'm happy and so darn proud of what we have achieved. I know that there is still a long road ahead and a lot to do, but in a very short time we have already achieved a lot. We were able to show pretty impressive UI.

It's amazing what a small, talented, and motivated team can do with right technologies and tools.


  1. Congratulations Vesku & Jolla! Things look promising.

    Not sure if you can answer this, but is this what the final UI will look like? Are things likely to change in the UI, such as the addition of a status bar?


    1. Thanks.

      I'm sure there will be changes. There are things that we still need to finish, polish, and obviously we will make some changes based on what we learn by more testing and based on feedback.

      Status bar was removed on purpose, like Jaakko explains in the video. The reasoning being that peeking the same info by pushing the foreground app a little is so easy when you use the device and when you are not using the device you see the info on lockscreen after waking the screen up. The benefit of this approach is that the apps can utilize the full size of the display. Whether this is the final design or not, I do not know. We are quite quick in changing things.


    2. Thanks for the reply.

      After doing a bit more reading & watching of some interviews done around the event, I guess I can understand where Jaakko is coming from with screen real estate. Although I don't completely agree in regards to the status bar - I see it like if you're driving a car, you don't want to have to press a button to see your speed, as easy as pressing a button is, some things should be always visible. Anyway it's not a major issue, like Kanser said, maybe choice is good ;)

      What I'm really excited about though is that in the demos that I saw, the OS seems to be much smoother than my N9, even in this early stage. Great!

      I really like the 'pushing' vertically to access what on the N9 would have been called notifications, multitasking & apps. The transitions are really smooth, and I like how the 4 quick-launch icons sit at the bottom to hint at the app launcher below. I hear designers are working on how to represent the multitasking view when there are 9+ apps, how about pushing horizontally to another screen? Similar could be applied to the app launcher. Although I don't know if that over-complicates things, I'm sure the guys at Jolla will come up with the best solution.

      One thing I'm strangely curious about (because I'm weird like this lol) is the font. I loved the font on the N9, and the info & videos of the design process that went into creating the font really showed the level of detail that went into the design of the phone. It truly is the most beautiful phone ever made imo - the Aston Martin of the phone industry. I'm not sure the font is finalised just yet, but I think it'll be nice to know the why such a font was chosen, the spacing and size and whatnot. I guess fonts don't seem like a big deal but just remember how iconic Nokia Sans was! It almost defined the brand. Ditto this point with the icons (loved squircles).

      Anyway, I'm still really excited about what Jolla are doing & I hope you're having fun there!

  2. I like it that there is no stratusbar but an open system should let the user wants to have one or not.
    I'm hoping for an unofficial release for the N9 since I don't have the money to buy a new smartphone again. But i would be able to advertise it to many people (I could do the same for the N9 but didn't because off Nokias decision).

  3. Oh sry not wants i mean decide