Getting started in hacking Nemo Mobile

We had a nice Devaamo Hackday here in Tampere yesterday. Topics were Jolla, Nemo Mobile, and Mer.

CIO of Jolla was present. He gave a short presentation of what the company is about and answered questions from the audience. There was also presentations from Mer and Nemo Mobile contributors (many of them work nowadays at Jolla).

I did a presentation about getting started in development. Here are my slides:

I did not get a lot of feedback on how the presentation went. I guess it was more or less ok. I do think that I could've done a better job, if I had presented with my own computer. However, I'm not having a laptop at the moment, so I had to use somebody else's laptop for presentation. Anyway, I had many interesting discussions with many people after the presentation part of the day was over.

It was a really nice event and I had a good time. Big thanks to Devaamo people for arranging the event and for all the presentators and attendees.

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