I pretty much always listen to music in random order and I have not moved on to Spotify and instead listen to tracks from files. It has annoyed me a bit that in Jolla's Media Player I had to first open it up, then go to "All Songs" and wait for 5 secs for all my tracks to load, and only after then I can choose "Shuffle all". I thought that I could do something simpler for myself and thus started a little hobby project I call Shuffle.

Shuffle is now ready for its first release. The UI is as simple as possible. When you start the app it starts playing immediately and only options for user are next and pause. I'm not going to add much more, the idea really is to keep the app simple and optimized for random playback.

Shuffle is now available from OpenRepos and sources are at github.


  1. Hey,
    First, here is a tip to avoid waiting for all your tracks to load: open the app, swipe to Home and swipe the cover :)

    But I have a question: why couldn't you propose to add this "shuffle on startup" option to the native player while working at Jolla? :(
    I don't know how it works internally at Jolla but given your Qt skills, it would have taken you few hours to do, and would have pleased a lot of people to see that Jolla is working on their basic apps.
    Because I have the same usage than you too, but I don't want to install 1 extra app for each possible feature/option.
    It's sad that none of the Jolla apps received any update for 1 almost year now, even simple updates like that!

    1. At Jolla I mainly worked on browser and we always had more important stuff to do. So taking few hours to do this would have been away from something else and similarly the whole engineering team was very very busy in fixing bugs and adding missing features.

      It's sad that you feel that Jolla apps have not received updates, but it is not true. Jolla now supports 4G, MMS, landscape mode in apps, HTML5 fullscreen video, various bluetooth profiles, inline commenting on Facebook notifications, and tons of more new features. All these come after the initial release. together.jolla.com has release notes for each update and going through them you'll see that each release has contained huge amount of new features and bug fixes.

      If you want to see this feature in built in media player I suggest filing a proposal at together.jolla.com