Replacement for Google Reader?

Does complete replacement for Google Reader exist?

Threre is just couple of weeks of time to find a replacement and so far I haven't found what I need. To me most important part is to have 3rd party API available so I can write a client for my favourite mobile platforms, which obviously are MeeGo Harmattan for my N9 and Sailfish OS for Jolla. I'd also like to have good Android tablet app for my Nexus7 and decent website when I'm at work.

Best part of Google Reader was that it offered all of these for free. The replacements I've seen so far are either paid solutions or are not offering an API. I'd really love to find a free solution (free with ads is fine).

FeedWrangler is the paid solution I'm currently considering if I can't find a decent free one. It's 19$/year and looks like it offers the things I want.

I haven't looked into the alternatives in that much detail so I'd really appreciate any recommendations.


  1. I'm not sure, but I heard Feedly was going to provide an almost identical API to Google Reader. This was a while ago though, so I'm unsure whether they have released it or if it is paid. Good luck with this, we need a good solution for the N9 AND the new Jolla phone. On that note, GOOD LUCK for the 20th Jolla!

    1. Thanks.

      Feedly looks good candidate indeed. It's at least still free, but I don't think they released the API yet. If it really is close to Google's API, then I could do just minor changes to Grrok and be happy.