New Release of VeskuMaps

I just released of VeskuMaps 0.3.0. Main new features are Street View -support, Traffic -support, and use of Google Places API. Debian package is available at the project page.

I also made a YouTube video to demonstrate the new features:

VeskuMaps now has pretty much all the features I wanted it to have, so I'm not going to do much new development for it now. I'll probably port VeskuMaps to Jolla when they will have SDK available for third parties. And when Nemo Mobile starts to support GPS, I'll then package VeskuMaps for Nemo. However, in the immediate future, I'm going to concentrate on other things for now.


  1. Pinch to zoom is quite laggy, but I guess that is ok for version 0.3.0. Overall quite nice, thanks for your work!

  2. Hey, great update! I've been testing it and cant really fault it much. Only thing I can think of to improve it is some sort of message when there are no search results. Otherwise I'm waiting and nothing is happening.

    Also on searching, quick question, does searching only apply to a radius depending on how far you are zoomed in/out? Because my search results seem to change accordingly.

    Anyway, Awesome Awesome work! Been looking forward to streetview and it works great! Thanks mate

  3. Thanks. Feedback is always welcome.

    Graphics performance on the map could be a lot better. However, unfortunately improving it would require a lot of work, so not going to happen anytime soon.

    I agree that notification of no results for search is something that is needed. Should be easy to do.

    Yes, search is limited to the currently visible area of map.

    1. Cheers mate.
      Appreciate the reply.

      Keep up the great work! Looking forward to Jolla and what you can bring to it.

  4. Hi, Congratulations, for your new work at Jolla, i'm so excited with this company and MeeGo+Mer.
    Related with Veskumaps, Where i find your sourcecode? I am interested in making an application of googlemaps and ATMs 4b in Spain
    This http://www.4b.es/localizador-de-cajeros-4b to app for N9

    1. VeskuMaps is not open source and I am not planning to change that.

      Your app idea seems useful. I think you could use Nokia's mapping examples as an example how to make map based app. You can take a look here: http://www.developer.nokia.com/Community/Wiki/QmlWebMapsLocation