Minor update to VeskuMaps

I just released VeskuMaps 0.2.0. It's available as debian-package here.

There is one cool new feature, which was actually really simple to implement. VeskuMaps now uses magnetometer to detect the orientation of the device and shows it on the map. First I was thinking of adding traditional compass to the bottom corner of map view, but then I realized that most of the time people are actually not that interested where the north is, instead they want to understand that which way they are facing. This they should be able to see now quite easily. In the map view north is still always up, and in the bottom left corner there is miniature N9 rotated to show what orientation the device is pointing.

Another new feature is that now it is possible to get back to map view from details-page of a location by clicking the minimap in the details-page. Main map is centered to the selected location and the map marker is opened.

In addition I added loading indicator to show when the app loads initial map and an error message to show when connecting to Google's server failed.

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