Preview release of VeskuMaps

My hobby project, a simple Google Maps -client, called VeskuMaps is ready for its first public release.

VeskuMaps 0.1 Features:

  • Show map
  • Pan map
  • Pinch-to-zoom map
  • Show current location on Map
  • Find near by service
  • Show list of search results
  • Show details of search result
  • Show service on Nokia Maps
  • Open service contact card for dialing/saving
  • Open service details on browser
  • disable GPS while on background

    The app is for Nokia N9 and N950. I'm calling it 0.1 release. Most important stuff is there, but the functionality is quite minimal. There are few bugs and usability issues I already know of and there is plenty of improvements I'd like to make. Since the basic functionality is there, the app should be useful in some situations. That is why I decided to make the app now public.

    The app is not meant to replace the built in Nokia Maps as most of the time the built in app is great. The main point of the app is that it starts quickly and you are able to search local services with it easily. Once you find what you are looking for you can easily up the details in browser, make a call, or if you want to navigate to the place, you can open Nokia Maps for directions.

    Download the debian package for N9 from here.

    Currently my plan is to polish the app and push the next version to Nokia Store. This might take few months though. In the meanwhile, I hope you find the app useful.


    1. I made a projects.developer.nokia.com page to host VeskuMaps. It will host the project, so there you can find bug tracker, forums, etc. and latest releases.

      The project page is at https://projects.developer.nokia.com/veskumaps

    2. Hi! This seems to have great potential. But currently I am unable to install 0.2. Iam getting errors that the installation file is corrupted

    3. Hi!
      I just tested the package and it installs fine on my device. I think either your download failed for some reason or you do not have "Install from other sources than Store"" enabled on your device. You can check from Settings->Programs->installations.


    4. hey, just wanted to thank you very much for this app !
      i don t own a N9 yet, but this app makes me a little more wanting to get one and i ll provide feedback then!

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