HelloWorld for Nemo Mobile using QtSDK

You can use QtSDK 1.1.4 for developing apps to Nemo Mobile. I just wrote HelloWorld-tutorial at Nemo-wiki. Since I could not attach images to wiki text, I'm adding them here with brief descriptions.

Create a new project

Type for your new app should be:

Your project should have both Harmattan and Simulator target:

Run in simulator

Select Qt Simulator as target:

And run.

In the simulator, select N9 as skin and make sure that Harmattan components are active:

Restart simulator and you app should run.

Run in device

Select Harmattan as active target for the project on the left sidebar

And then just follow the rest of the instructions from wiki under: "Running on device".

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  1. Sage has written an excellent post about how you can install Nemo's components natively to your computer and use them to develop QML apps for Nemo. Upside of his approach is that you do not need to use emulator and you are using Nemo versions of components thus what you see it is more closer to what you actually see on device.

    Sage's blog post.